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Young Modí is an Italian artist, the youngest member of the Modigliani Family. His eclectic style enhances his family's cultural heritage through innovative ways of expression.

He has been cultivating a passion for art since he can remember, thanks to the artistic context in which he grew up, and alongside that passion, he has grown a love for innovative technologies.

Lately, canvas and physical installations don't feel enough to him anymore, thus launching his journey into the world of digital art, where he finds a way to combine art with innovation without limits of time and space.


In 2022, he formed a team to pursue a goal as important as it is ambitious: to change the attitude and approach of users of the NFTs world. The artistic beauty and creative inspiration behind his artworks are the elements that the project aims to put at the center of the NFTs market evaluation criteria, overshadowing the noise of hype and speculation.


NFTs are the tool by which he wants to transfer his vision of art into the environment of the future, embracing the concepts of uniqueness, beauty, and inclusiveness, and Mod.1 is the project through which Young Modí wants to leave a permanent mark on the Digital Art ecosystem.

Meet The Team

Our team members have built multiple projects, ranging from art to technology, and they are all pursuing master's degrees.

After years of product development, we are now committed to bringing a real impact on digital art.

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