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Designed by Young Modi, the youngest artist from the Modigliani family, Mod.1 is the collection that brings the artistic genius of Amedeo Modigliani back to life.

We empower anyone to own a derivative of a Modigliani, weakening the barriers to entry into the world of precious art collectibles. 

10,000 artworks inspired by the best masterpieces of the most controversial Italian artist of the 20th century.

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A bridge between art   ​

Building on the values of the past and Young Modi's cultural heritage, our project aims to redefine the younger generation's conception of art, creating a bridge between traditional art and the tools of the future.
Using blockchain and NFT to validate authenticity and create a unique and unbreakable link between creation and creator. 
Our collectors are immersed in an exclusive ecosystem and have access to unique experiences, like the opportunity to purchase finely crafted jewellery from the Modigliani family, participate in exclusive 1:1 art auctions and private networking events. 
Partnerships with entities such as Ceccotti for the organisation of the event and the Modigliani Foundation for the venue and authenticity further strengthen our dedication to weaving traditional art with the digital future into a harmonious and innovative mix.

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Inspired by   ​

The collection is developed by taking inspiration from three Amedeo Modigliani’s masterpieces that align perfectly with the values of our project.


Portrait of Lunia Czechowska (1919): she was a family friend of Léopold Zborowski, Modigliani's art dealer and patron; Modigliani dedicated numerous portraits to her, who represents the beauty that drive our mission to finally bring aesthetics to dominate the NFT market.

Tête (1911): it belongs to a rare series of stone sculptures, depicting goddesses of beauty. Modigliani took raw materials from the scraps of construction sites of Paris, and at night he would illuminate the sculptures he made with them. It represents the philosophy of our project.

Portrait of Paul Guillaume (1916) : a prominent Paris art collector who loved art and beauty, he represents our community of visionaries who support the mission of creating the finest collection in the history of NFT’s.

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